Online Retail Market in China

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Online Retail Market in China

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Online Retail Market in China
Online retail corresponds to the B2C model of e-commerce, that is, consumers through the network to the manufacturers in small quantities, frequently to buy goods or services. With the gradual improvement of the online shopping environment, the diversification of the online retail model, online shopping and online shopping under the full combination of advantages, China's online retail market turnover showed a rapid growth trend.

1.The diversification of the online retail model

The online retail model can generally be divided into three categories, the first class is pure Internet retailers, such as Amazon, Dangdang, Joyo, Ctrip Travel Network and so on; the second category is the traditional retail enterprises to carry out the network retail, such as Wal Mart, Carrefour, Gome, Suning and other; the third category is producer concurrently online retailers, such as Lenovo, TCL, good children, through the online retail directly establishes the connection to the end user, and in a certain extent from a channel in the middle link.

2.Shopping online and offline shopping

Online shopping has across the region, the space and time transfer convenient, interactive strong network advantage, while the net shopping has perfect logistics distribution and after-sales service system, a full range of merchandise display space and other business advantages, the two combined with such as common research online and offline purchase mode and online purchase and store delivery mode, online purchase and store return mode, online shopping and store pickup mode can better meet market needs, improve service levels.

a. Extension of online business to the Internet business
Companies such as Amazon, by first selling books and CD expansion in other areas, sales from food to clothing, from pure retailer development become a "retail platform, and many traditional retailers cooperative online business. Domestic Ali in B2B, C2C obtained the unprecedented success, B2C started to cross the field.

b. Traditional enterprise Internet degree is getting higher and higher
According to the data show that: in the United States to carry out B2C network marketing business, 70% from the traditional retail enterprises. China's domestic retail chain enterprises, 80% of the enterprises to establish a website to provide customer service, more and more enterprises to carry out a different degree of B2C network marketing, to achieve online shopping.

c. Online retail into the vertical Era
Vertical sites focused on some specific areas or specific consumer demand or demand in this area to provide full depth information and related services. Red child, newegg, VANCL and other enterprises in the online retail a excellent sales performance is the best proof, more and more traditional companies is following their mode to enter the market.

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