Ranking of China's Leading Retail Enterprises

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Ranking of China's Leading Retail Enterprises

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On March 28, Kantar Retail released in 2015 China PoweRanking retail power ranking list survey results: Chinese retailers RT beyond Wal Mart, become fast consumer goods makers mind in 2015 China's retail market best retailer, which is Chinese retailers first ranked first. By RT lead, including the dominance of the CRC, Yonghui as the representative of the Chinese retailers positive transnational retail giants challenge at the same time, Jingdong business enterprise become the retailer list rookie. In terms of manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca Cola continues to top, Wyeth, Mars triumph, Erie, COFCO and other Chinese manufacturers also have improved significantly.

In the past 20 years, PoweRanking according to retailers and manufacturers of their business partners score, continuous constantly for retail and fast moving consumer goods industry practitioners provide effective industry standards and best practices, determine the industry benchmark companies, and for retailers and manufacturers to provide a reference standard.

For manufacturers, the growing complexity of the retail landscape is both a challenge and a great opportunity to meet the demand. Manufacturers can further expand market share by expanding distribution, distribution channels, and leading retailers. In this context, 2015 manufacturers selected favorite retailer partners RT-mart flowers.

Research in the past four years, China RT-mart always followed Wal-mart retailers. In 2015 PoweRanking retailers comprehensive strength ranking list, RT Mart not only in most of the index narrowed the gap with the Wal-mart, more in one fell swoop beyond Wal-mart, ranking first ranking list. As of the retail consulting pointed out in 2014, RT-mart thanks to the success of a clear business strategy. In 2015, RT-mart was considered to be the most efficient manufacturer retailer, manufacturer is willing to invest in most retailers.

Visible from the list, Wal-mart, another Chinese retailer Huarun million to maintain a comprehensive ranking of third of the results. After it has been basically completed the integration of Tesco in China, according to its size and its significance of category, shoppers, Kay of the retail consulting is expected to vanguard of Wal-mart, Carrefour and other major retailers continue to put pressure on. At the same time, PoweRanking retailers ranked first in the top ten of the electricity suppliers - Jingdong ranked seventh, which also confirms that more and more manufacturers have the electricity suppliers as a strong partner.

In manufacturer, the same as in previous years, ranking the PoweRanking still have many familiar names, Procter & Gamble and Unilever, Coca Cola is still ranked as the manufacturer of the top of the charts, they mature management system and professional marketing and sales team is the guarantee of business development. In integrated manufacturer ranked in the top ten, Wyeth and Mars progress is obvious, in addition to the outstanding marketing performance outside, support their reliable stores will become the solid backing of further digging low line level cities in the business.

At the same time, the list also shows that China manufacturer performance has improved significantly. China dairy giant Yili first entered the top ten, it clearly in the strategy, the modern channel growth potential, innovative marketing and store support have received high marks. Similarly, COFCO also praised retailers that have a strong sales team that COFCO has unlimited potential. These China manufacturers have challenged the leadership of large multinational companies in the modern channel.

Compared to the previous two years, manufacturers and retailers on each other's evaluation criteria are quietly changing, the two sides on the strategic level of cooperation partners to become more.

Retailers in 2015 is the most valued manufacturer brand influence, corporate strategy and profitability. In the China economy smooth growth of the "new normal", China retail market growth also tends to be gentle. Kay degree of consumer price index data show that in 2015 sales of Chinese FMCG market compared with the previous year increased by only 3.5%. For retailers, in order to get more business growth must cooperate with the brand quality to achieve a win-win situation, a strong brand is an important guarantee to attract tourists.
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Re: Ranking of China's Leading Retail Enterprises

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Any advise about dropshipping from China to France?

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