The IT-Infrastructure in Russia

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The IT-Infrastructure in Russia

Postby AndreyN » Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:32 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,

3data Premium Data Centers is ready to help you build and optimize the IT-infrastructure for your business in Russia. 3data is a network of premium data centers and Russia’s first to realize the concept of a «data center within walking distance». The company is also a member of the Data Center industry Association in Russia.

The 3data network meets the high requirements for reliability and safety at the Tier 3 level, and also have a convenient location in various parts of the city close to metro stations and highways. A large number of sites allows you to implement various distributed and disaster tolerant solutions.

The company independently designs, builds, operates and sells services of data centers, which guarantee the quality of all aspects of the service. All sites are owned.
Due to current situation, the IT industry experts predict business virtualization acceleration, an additional demand for cloud technologies, mass transfer of employees to remote work and the widespread use of online services. We respond quickly to changes and offer to take advantage of our experience.

If necessary, we will help you deploy or expand the cloud resources. We provide a wide range of services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) based on the VMware and OpenStack platforms. We are ready to create an individual solution for your business and quickly provide test access to cloud resources.

Our priority directions are:
1. Server equipment placement by unit and racks on the sites (both options - colocation and dedicated - are available). There are 14 existing sites and those under construction corresponding to TIER3 Level;
2. Cloud storage service on a disk-tape cluster (ArcTape), which has no analogue in Russia. A joint project with partners FUJIFILM and IBM (the library is located on Butlerov 17 site);
3. Cloud resource based on the VmWare platform (vCloud Director
4. Cloud resource OpenStack 3data Cloud based on the OpenStack platform.
5. The construction of data centers in the regions (Franchise).

Should you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact.

Kind regards,

Andrey Naydenov | Project manager | 3data Premium Data Centers
+7 (495) 800-18-00 ext.1002 | +7 (916) 974-08-50| |

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